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Mamady Kamissoko, aka Azaya, is a Guinean songwriter, producer and singer. Azaya started music as a bassist for the groups Yahoumba Sekou, Saydou Sow and Sekouba Kandia Kouyate. In 2008, Azaya made a first American tour with Sekouba Kandia Kouyate, where he recorded his first single entitled Pardonnes-Moi, which was an immediate success. In 2010, he integrates urban music with the Seyland Koutchy group, which make him share the scene with the big names of the urban music in Guinea. Azaya released in 2012, a 14-track maxi-single titled My Love at the Franco-Guinean cultural center to celebrate the international day against AIDS/STI. The success of the album earned him the nickname "The Messi of Guinean music" by his fans. Throughout his career in a group or later solo, Azaya has won many distinctions including Best Artist of the Year at the J Awards 2018. He has also performed in several cities around the world: Brussels, Liege, Paris, etc. As a committed artist, he now participates in the humanitarian project Sing For Africa.