“ To be a man of powerful performance in society, you must first have been a fulfilled child. Self-fulfillment is the key to our success. » Rod On Jr, President of BIFTY


Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer, Tukkiman defines the contours of his own musical style. He gives his voice, for a thematic song, of the association BIFTY, for the humanitarian project Sing For Africa. Cradled since childhood in his native Senegal by overseas sounds and African rhythms, they inspire him to shape his music and bring out themes in favor of a gentler, fairer world. He also affirms that: " I don't write my songs, it's the music that dictates them to me. ". Its route, its history, mixed with its African roots gave birth to Tukkiman, the citizen of the world. Two years ago, he released Oceans (Where feet may fail), which has more than 106 million views on Youtube.