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Acho, whose full name is Onuoha Iheanacho is a Nigerian artist from Imo State, Nigeria.Acho inked a licensing & recording deal with Got Beats Records in March, 2005. He is one of the artists giving their voice for the “Sing For Africa” project. Acho started singing at the age of 13 & successfully recorded his first demo, Dark Morning, at the age of fourteen. He is a singer, songwriter, & music composer in the genres of Pop, R&B . Acho's song 'The only one' was nominated for the 2010 All African Kora awards in the Best African artist in Europe and the Caribean category. Acho also performed at the 2010 kora awards concert in Burkina Faso. Acho has performed alongside Akon in Benin republic in june 2010 for the Benin independent anniversary.Acho was booked and performed in three cities in Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg). Acho has also performed alongside Nigerian artists like Tuface, Psquare and host of others. Acho states, "My goal is to bring out the best in music with my smooth, soothing voice & uncanny writing abilities".Acho performs live with a six man band.