“ To be a man of powerful performance in society, you must first have been a fulfilled child. Self-fulfillment is the key to our success. » Rod On Jr, President of BIFTY


Her real name Khaoula El Moujahid. Jaylann is a musician artist born in Rabat, January 9, 1994 in Morocco. She agrees to join the collective of African artists around the humanitarian musical project "Sing For Africa" ​​in order to show a radiant and hopeful Africa. She inherits her passion for music from her violinist father. The young artist saw her career take off thanks to her participation in various television shows such as "Studio 2M" and "The Voice" where she shines brightly and seduces juries and the public with her groovy voice. In 2014, the young artist recorded her first single “kanchoufek”. Later in 2016, she released a single entitled “Zazlouz” featuring Black Jaguar. She later returns to the forefront with a new single called "Mama"; the latter collects more than three million views on Youtube and gradually becomes a hit.