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Hakim, whose real name is ABDEL HAKIM ABDEL SAMAD KAMEL, is an Egyptian pop singer who puts his voice to the musical project “Sing For Africa”. He trained in music under the influence of Ahmed Adawiya, a singer from southern Egypt. It begins with ‘’ MAWAL ’’, vocal improvisations placed at the beginning of sha’abi songs. With his companions, he founded his first group at the age of 14 and enjoyed great success in his locality thanks to his performances in parties and weddings. In 1992 he released his first album "Nazra" with the help of singer and producer Hamid El Shari, which brought him immediate success allowing him to assert his celebrity status in Egypt. In 1994 he released his second opus entitled "NAR" and represented Egypt at the Allumées festival in Nantes. His recent single "ERRAGUEL ESSAH" was released in 2020 totaling 243,861,056 views on Youtube