WJ The King was born on April 12, 1987 in a small village in Parajok-Magwi County, WJ De King was born on 12 April 1987 at a small village called Parajok-Magwi County, South Sudan. Besides being a musician, WJ is a Peace and Children`s right activist. He is the leader of the Lokwilili Kingdom a name that signifies the band in which he operates and does his music. WJ despite once being a child soldier has kept his head up and broke through the music industry and formed the freedom boys then later Lokwilili Kingdom of which he is currently the head and has been branded with the name “Wj The king of Lokwilili". He equally serves as the international ambassador for Save the Children International South Sudan Office. In the later times Save the Children, just made WJ their Goodwill ambassador. In that lane, he joined the association BIFTY, for the humanitarian musical project Sing For Africa.

“ To be a man of powerful performance in society, you must first have been a fulfilled child. Self-fulfillment is the key to our success“ Rod On Jr, President of BIFTY